Obsessive marks, calligraphic in nature, form organic entities that reach out to the edge of the canvas with an awareness of their boundaries.  Working with the essential nature of my materials, I allow the paint, charcoal or graphite to live and breathe.  I enjoy juxtaposing harsh, sharp lines against organic forms that are soft, bulbous, and often pod-like.  My art is greatly influenced by Surrealism, forms found in nature, as well as Japanese culture including manga, the concept of ‘wabi sabi’, and calligraphy.

In my illustrations I have been exploring two specific characters: Kumo and Toda.  Kumo is named after the Japanese word ‘kumo’ meaning ‘spider’.  Toda is a name born of word play.  Oftentimes wistful, sometimes mischievous, each picture tells a quiet story—a moment of interaction between creature and its environment.  The creature morphs and changes how it interacts with its backdrop, but the eye remains, ever watchful and aware.